Project Brief:

Senior Aegis is a health care services that is committed to provide healthcare solutions to the seniors above 65 in Delaware, USA. Senior Aegis helps people live their life without problems by assisting seniors with Peaceful, Healthy, Stress-Free retired life. To help maintain Quality of Life during old age is important and we bridge the gap by providing services to seniors accomplishing the same. True to our motto “Care and Compassion for Seniors”, we have expertise in Preventive Healthcare, Financial Astuteness; which all seniors can benefit from.

Step 01

Gather all information

Senior Aegis was a project that required a services page which highlighters’ the Medicare plans and Health Insurance for old age people. All media, content and UI of website is developed by the Truteloes team under the guidance of client.

Main features of the site:

  • Custom UI
  • Custom Media
  • Login and assistance Form
  • Medicare plans

Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

Basic necessity of client was a website that fulfills the regular requirements of old age people like Medicare plans, Medical Insurance & Incontinence supply.




Step 03

Mobile Responsive Design!

We have crafted an interactive yet stunning website that is mobile  responsive and fast.

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